Note: You need a jailbroken iphone/ipod touch to access Cydia and do customisations

App needed for changing fonts.
Price: Free from Cydia

Download: Cydia

Sample outcome

How to do it:
1. Go to Cydia > Search, do a search for Bytafont. Press install. 

Touch Install - its already installed in my ipod hence the modify button instead.

2. After installing, open the Bytafonts app. It will list the available fonts installed on your device. Touch the font you want to use or touch the blue arrow on the left to preview the font before using it.

The current font is set to Ampersand.

3. To add more fonts, it is advisable to preview them first before installing. You may go to 'more' section and browse the fonts available and preview them. Internet connection is needed for this.

Browse fonts by name/style before installing.

4. If you know what font you like, you can get them by going to Cydia > Sections > Fonts. Search for the title of the font you want and press install. This will automatically added to your Bytafont list.

So many fonts to choose from.

5. You have an option of what part of your system will use the fonts by going to the advanced menu in the Bytafont app. You also have an option to restore the original fonts if you like.

Don't forget to press Apply and Respring if you made any changes.

6. To delete the fonts that you don't like, just go to Cydia > Sections > Fonts, browse the font you want to erase (there will be a check mark on it) then press modify. Choose remove.

Press remove to delete the font.

7. To restore to the original font, you have to download and use the Original font for the firmware of the iphone/ipod touch from Cydia.

Choose the correct font according to your firmware.

And that's it, you got rid of that boring default font and use your favourite font. More articles on how to customise your iphone/ipod touch so keep an eye on this blog. Enjoy!

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