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Simple but helpful display
What it's about: 

Battery Doctor Pro is a utility app that helps manage battery usage and charging, thus the catch phrase "Max your battery life". I gives you an estimate of the remaining battery life on different activities such as internet on wi-fi, playing games, and even calls (for iphone) on the status menu. On the maintain menu, it gives you an estimated time on how long it will take until your ipod/iphone is fully charged when your device is connected via USB or charging dock.

While charging
Moreover, it will be able to ring off an alarm when your device is fully charged and you have options on how long you want the trickle charge to last. It tells you when you did your last full cycle charge and even keeps a log of it on the Log menu.

When did I last charged my iphone/ipod touch?
  • It just works
  • Customisable themes
  • Comprehensive stats
  • Simple interface
  • Useful tips
See the Eiffel tower "chareg up"
  • Wish there were animated themes
  • Few choice of alarm sounds
  • Not much to complain about
Ding dong! Your battery is fully charged.
  • Remember that remaining time is subject to usage and will constantly change depending on what you do with the device. If it says 10 hours on audio playback, it means 10 hours if you only do that. You don't just do 10 hours straight audio playback don't you? Or do you?
  • Read the tips! They are very helpful and will tell you things you can turn off like notifications you don't need to stop unnecessary battery usage.
  • Do use the trickle charge function and the full cycle charge, they work.
Read the tips people!

I have used other battery management apps and by far this is the top of the lot. Remember that idevices don't have user-replaceable batteries so keeping it in the best condition possible is a must and this app is what the doctor ordered.

App Counter Judgment9.5 out of 10
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