Why not use Itunes?
  • Gives errors that you cannot decipher
  • Won't sync some files
  • Lots of restrictions from Apple
  • Heavy on the system
  • Jailbreak won't be safe

Why do you need Itunes?
  • Undo jailbreaking
  • Restoring iphone/ipod touch
  • Device drivers needed to recognize Iphone/ipod touch by other programs

What are my other choices then?

Choice #1: IFunbox - Click here to download

Recommended for Jailbreakers and advanced users

  • Fast and easy access to raw files and folders
  • Ability to install .ipa files to device and rip them back
  • Ability to copy images from Iphone/Ipod Touch to PC

Yes, I use Lazy Diet app

  • Copying images from PC to Iphone/Ipod touch does not work properly
  • Needs to install afc2dd from Cydia
  • No access to music and video files

Choice #2: Copy Trans Manager - Click here to download

Free and updated regularly.

  • Copy movies and music to iphone/ipod touch
  • Edit tags and artworks to music and movies
  • Create playlists
  • Built in media player

Just for music and movies.

  • Annoying choice screen on start-up
  • Other programs for photos and back-ups not free
  • Copy music and movies to PC from iphone/ipod touch not working
  • Media player does not play HD videos taken with iphone/ipod touch 

Choice #3: 91 PC Suite - Click here to download

Click the Iphone icon on the upper left corner to change language settings to English.
  • Import songs to PC from Iphone/Ipod touch
  • Put images from  PC to Iphone/Ipod touch
  • Access to RAW files/folders
  • Manage SMS, calendar, contacts, call history, etc on PC
  • Backup and restore files and settings
  • Get free wallpapers, themes, ringtones, apps
  • Built in ring tone maker and media converter
  • Regular updates

The most feature packed alternative.
  • Needs jailbroken iphone/ipod touch to work
  • Some functions still needs translating to English
  • Needs itunes to transfer music and videos

So which one to choose?

There is no one program that will ultimately replace itunes (yet) so I would recommend installing one or all three programs depending on your needs. Personally, I use all of them because of their strength in different functions. I use Ifunbox when I need to get videos/photos off of my Ipod to PC, I prefer Copytrans to transfer music and videos to my ipod, and I use 91 PC Suite to put photos in my ipod, make ring tones, get wallpapers, convert files and others. More great articles to come!

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