God powers ACTIVATE!
Developer: ngmoco, Inc.
Price: Free
Download: Itunes

My slav--- ehem - "followers".
What it's about: 

Godfinger is a SIM game where you play god to a small planet. You can have followers who will work for you so you'll earn gold which will allow you to buy more buildings for your followers' recreation or place of work. These buildings must be powered with the different  elements which will use up mana. It works like Farmville in the sense that you have to check if your workers have produced gold to harvest it before it turns to rust. Also, workers get tired so you have to make them rest through different recreational buildings you can purchase. Eventually, you'll get more godly powers, buildings, followers, and a bigger planet to rule.

The store where you spend gold or awe.
There is a store where you can purchase things which is neatly organized and is updated regularly. Users can also use real cash to buy in-game gold or cash to beautify their planets. One may also add friends in their "galaxy" and enchant their followers. This works like fertilize in Farmville and will help improve workers in friends' planet. You also can give them gifts everyday like gold and mana. You may add me (please!) through my +plus account: gx3k.

You can see your friends' planet stats, visit them, but no option to take their gold :(
Overall, Godfinger All-stars is much improved from the first version. Adding the stars function for individual followers so they level-up after collecting a number of stars and produce gold. There is also a new "doodle jump" like mini-game if you want to collect stars and gold. Sadly, you will have to pay awe if you want to keep these after the game.

Godfinger jump mini-game.
  • Deep and addictive gameplay
  • Easy to pick-up and play
  • Social elements are great
  • Funny animations
  • Lovely graphics
  • New items after updates
  • FREE!
Collect stars before they disappear!
  • Game lags/crashes on my older ipod touch
  • Building stats annoyingly pop-up while touching stars
  • Too much screens (logos, ads, etc) for start-up
  • I hate waiting for time to pass by and get more mana and gold :)
Always look out for free stuff!
  • Get lots of friends to get free stuff (add me!)
  • Always check for promos in the galaxy (zoom out) for free stuff
  • Check building needs (space for followers, time to produce gold, element needed) before purchasing them to suit your needs. Sun powered buildings are great cause followers produce stars while powering up the building.
  • Don't forget to sync if you're using older generation iphones/ipod touch to save your work
Sync to save your efforts!

To be honest, this game is what made me get the new Ipod touch 4th generation because my older ipod touch can't handle too much buildings, followers, etc and its so worth it. This is what made me like ipod touch gaming and I have spent more time in this app than any other iOS game. If you like SIM games or the likes of Farmville, this is highly recommended. Who wouldn't want to be a god anyway?

Download it!

App Counter Judgment: 9 out of 10
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