One of the best utility apps
Developer: BigBoss
Price: Free
Download: Cydia

Menu can be accessed almost everywhere. (see activation methods)
What it's about: 

SBSettings is a utility app that gives users more control over many settings of their iOS devices. It does the following:

  • Enable numeric battery percentage and numeric wi-fi/GSM signal display
  • Enable available RAM remaining
  • Display date on status bar
  • Quick and easy switch for bluetooth, data, wifi, location, 3g, airplane mode, phone functions
  • Fast and easy manipulation of display brightness
  • Termination of processes not displayed on the dock
  • Hide/unhide icons
  • Path identifier for app folders
  • Use 24 hour time format for clock
  • Respring/refresh device
  • Power options (reboot, power off, lock, safe mode)
  • Plus MORE!

This can be accessed by tapping "more" on the SBSettings main menu.
  • Free!
  • Very efficient, a must have for any idevice
  • Enables customisations not possible on regular settings
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Eliminates the need to browse on the settings menu to tweak things

Choose which switch you need in the SBSettings menu.
  • Some settings may mess up your device 
  • Some users may like an icon to access settings
  • Not available for devices that are not Jailbroken

Don't tweak settings you don't understand.
  • Always end processes and free up memory to ensure smooth running of other apps
  • Hiding icons such for privacy and kid safety is better than locking them, what they don't see won't encourage them to guess passwords or do more damage to your apps
  • The quick access of brightness and wifi are incredibly helpful in maximising  battery life
  • Use numeric display of battery, its more efficient in tracking remaining battery life
  • Display the remaining RAM, it will be a useful tool if you're running multiple apps at a time
Terminate unwanted processes and free-up memory to speed up your device.

I can't just imagine my life without this utility. This is what Apple should have provided all idevices but didn't so thank heavens for BigBoss in coming up with this free app. No other app out there can match what this thing can do so if you don't have this already, what are you waiting for?

Don't forget to browse the different options to find lots of useful customisations.

App Counter Judgment9.5 out of 10

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