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Developer: Digital Goldfish Ltd.
Price: £1.79 
Download: Itunes

Medals help unlock new maps and buy upgrades.
What it's about: 

Bloons TD 4 is the fourth instalment of the popular tower defence flash game for PC that is ported to iOS devices. It has all the basics of a regular tower defence game such as buying and upgrading towers, placing them on a map, and eventually killing invaders which in this game are cheerful balloons. 

Upgrade cost and money varies according to difficulty level.
Fans of the series will recognize all the towers as they are not changed a lot from the previous games. Players can customise the targets of individual towers or sell them for a lower price. All towers and its upgrades must be unlocked through levelling up which can be achieved by popping more balloons. As per usual, the balloons themselves have different abilities such as speed, immunity from sharp objects, and others.

Things could get messy real fast as the round heightens.

  • Lots of towers and upgrades to choose from
  • More maps than the previous iteration
  • All the fun from previous versions intact
  • Different difficulty levels will cater to all players
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Easy to pick-up and play
  • Addictive

Gold medals are hard to achieve :(
  • Noticeable lags for higher levels
  • Not a lot of difference from previous games
  • No zoom in function
  • Towers are hard to place and select when over crowded
  • Addictive
New playlist function added! Listen to your favourite music while popping ballooons.
  • Monkey buccaneer is your friend, very efficient when starting a level
  • Upgraded Monkey buccaneer + bomb tower can detect and pop all types of balloons
  • Upgraded Monkey apprentice can send a lot of balloons to the beginning of the line
  • Don't be caught off-guard! Some rounds are surprisingly much harder than the previous one
  • You can just play the easy rounds over and over to unlock all the towers/tower upgrades
  • Use tacks for camouflage balloons if you don't have towers that detect them

Why do monkeys hate balloons so much?

The Bloons series may not be as graphically astounding as Star Defense nor as popular as Fieldrunners but it certainly holds it own in the tower defence genre. It is well polished, easy to play, and very addicting. Every tower defence fan will be more than satisfied to spend hours upon hours popping balloons and unlocking many elements in the game. Personally, it is easily one of the best tower defence games out there and you are not a full-pledged TD fan if you don't have this in you Iphone or Ipod touch.

App Counter Judgment9 out of 10
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Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but if you exit a game and go to, let's say answer a text, when you come back to the game all the Bonus In-Game Upgrades turn themselves off.

Gx3k said...

Try checking if you have the latest version. I used a 4th generation ipod touch on this review and I didn't have that problem even id I have to exit this game and use another app.

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