So, you finally gave in and got an Idevice (Iphone/Ipod Touch) you previously loathed to death. Might be hard to admit but after using it for yourself you realise you were utterly impressed and got converted to "the other side". Not wanting to become an Isheep (uber Apple fanboy), you decided to jailbreak your device to break free of Apple's lovely embrace. Here's a flowchart I made as a guide for different generations and firmwares:

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* - Download 4.1 firmware for your device here: Click here for link

** - Downgrade guide: Click here for link
A – Guide: Click here for link
B – This guide is for you so read on.
C – Just use Safari browser on your device and go to and follow the instructions.

If your Idevice is fresh, you will need to connect it to Itunes to have it activated and registered (not required for activation). Click here to download Itunes

Itunes is needed for activation.

Once you have Itunes installed, connect your Idevice to the PC using the USB cable. DO NOT click yes to any pop-ups asking you to update the current firmware if you want to jailbreak your device. Also, DO NOT click on the update button on the itunes window. Check your software version, it should be 4.1 or lower for an unthetered jailbreak. This kind of jailbreak is the best because you wont need to run the jailbreak every time your device is turned off which is the case for tethered jailbreak.

Do not click the update button if you want to jailbreak.

If your software version is lower than 4.1, you may upgrade it by downloading the 4.1 firmware from this website and click the restore button in itunes while holding the left shift button. This will prompt you to choose the downloaded firmware and then wait for it to finish. For devices having firmware 4.2 and above, you might try this method but success is not guaranteed.

Just use the direct links on the lower part of the web page.
If your firmware is already 4.1, you may now proceed in jailbreaking your device. You should know the following before starting the jailbreak procedure:

  • Jailbreaking is completely legal IF used responsibly. You may read this article if you want to know more.
  • Jailbreaking is completely safe. You may undo it any time you want and restore it to its original settings. Just remember to do it properly and don't tweak settings you don't understand so everything works as they should be. It will not leave any trace after you undo the jailbreak so no one will know if you jailbroke the device.
  • Jailbreaking does not void the warranty. It is software modification and does not involve touching any hardware in your device. If you need to avail of the warranty from Apple, just undo the jailbreak and restore it to its original settings before sending it off for repair. Note that Apple might update your firmware and will hinder you to do proper jailbreak.
  • You will still be able to access and download apps from the official appstore. Jailbreaking will not have any negative effects on apps nor will make your device laggy. If your device exhibits any type of malfunctions, restore the device and redo the jailbreak.

Choose your OS, download, unzip, and run the Greenp0ison jailbreak program.
In this jailbreak, we will use the greepois0n method which you can download here. There are other methods available like limew1re and redsn0w but this is the one I have tried and tested so I am recommending this one. Just download it, then unzip the file, and run the program. Turn-off your device and connect it through the USB cable and just follow the steps that will appear on the program window.

The sleep button is on the top of the device while the home is the round button in front.
The program will automatically tell you if you are successful in each step. If you miss any of them, the process will be restarted until you get all of them right. After the steps, the program will do the rest and you can just wait for it to complete. After restarting, be sure that your device is connected to wi-fi (required). This is needed for getting Cydia by tapping on the new Loader icon. You will have the option to delete this icon as it will not be needed after you get Cydia.

Wi-fi needed before opening the Loader icon.
To check if your device is jailbroken, you should have the Cydia icon on your device. The first time you open Cydia, it will ask you what kind of user you are. Choose "developer" even though you don't make programs because it will list all the programs available which will be helpful in the next how to articles in this blog. If it asks you to make your life easier, choose OK. This will automatically sa your SHSH blob which will be needed for future jailbreaks. You may also notice that cydia loads several files every time you start it up. This is normal.


You might want to stay away from itunes after the jailbreak because you might "accidentally" update your firmware which will erase the jailbreak. It may also delete apps you got from Cydia and other sources other than the app store. There are also instances when syncing becomes a problem as some additional features acquired from Cydia such as infinite folders and others makes the itunes confused. For a list of free (and more reliable) alternative programs click here.

So what do you do now? There are lots of things you can do now that you've successfully jailbroken your device but first, its important to back-up your SHSH blob (aside from the Cydia back-up) for future jailbreaks. You can do this by using a PC program called Tiny Umbrella which you can get from here. There is another method that you can do directly from the Idevice. Just go to Cydia > Search and type iSHSHit. Install, run the app, and back-up you SHSH by emailing it to your email.

iSHSHit for backing up your SHSH.
What next? Get SBSettings from Cydia and fully manage your idevice. You can get it by searching it on Cydia like what you did for iSHSHit. You may read more about it here. Why not change the fonts of your device? Just read how to do it here. Lots of stuff for jailbroken will be added in this blog so don't forget to visit often. Cheers!

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